Interpretation Services

Interpretation Services

At Alfa Systems, we understand the need for qualified interpreters that not only possess cultural and technical knowledge, but demonstrate awareness and use discernment when approaching sensitive and diverse situations.  With millions still speaking English only as a second language, helping your organization provide precise and reliable interpretation to this growing population is of the utmost importance to us.

We interpreter for:

Travel and tourism
Social services
US Government
and more

Telephonic|Video Interpretation

With our real-time telephonic and video services, your organization will be connected to an interpreter within moments.  Our telephonic interpretation handles the communication for both languages spoken over the phone, while our video service connects you to an interpreter from the convenience of your computer, tablet or mobile device, anywhere in the world.

On Site|Demand Interpretation

When face-to-face interpretation is desired, we will partner your company with an interpreter to assist with conferences, meetings, presentations or any other company event.  Our on site interpreters can deliver consecutive or simultaneous interpretation, working by your side to determine the best manner to communicate with your client or audience.


Alfa Systems is seeking talented interpreters to provide expert phone and video interpretation services. If you speak English along with one or more target languages and are interested in providing precise interpretation for our clients from various industries, please click the link below and complete the application form. If your skills meet our requirements, someone from our Alfa Systems team will contact you with further information.

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On Site Interpretation


One-on-one interpretation between a representative from your organization and a non-English speaking client.


More than one non-English speaking client and member from your company present during interpretation.


Interpretation delivered after your client speaks.


Interpretation delivered while your client speaks.

Over-the-phone/Video Interpretation


Interpretation is designated for a specific date and time.


Connect instantly to an interpreter at our Alfa Systems Contact Center.


Interpreter delivers message for a non-English speaking client, subsequently following up with the service provider and conveying the results.


Client sees and interacts with an interpreter using real-time, streaming communication.