Recruitment|Staffing Services

Alfa Systems Recruitment and Staffing team will partner with your company to handle the recruiting, on-boarding and scheduling of your interpreters.  We search out, screen, and select suitable candidates and help guide them through the orientation, evaluation, and specialized, government- regulated training required for certain types of interpretation roles such as medical.

Why Alfa Systems

Throughout the world, both small and large companies have a need for multilingual staff.  Alfa Systems can help fulfill this need by procuring and training individuals that possess the experience, skills, and knowledge required to provide top level interpretation.  We will help you communicate globally by negotiating the best interpreter rates and matching your organization with appropriate candidates for the target language needed.

Our Process

Candidates are carefully screened and evaluated to ensure they meet the professional qualifications of the position.
Applications and requests are viewed and entered into our database.
Recruiter contacts candidates and answers any questions they may have.
References and technical skill level of candidates are checked and evaluated, respectively.
Recruiter handles on-boarding process, including background checks, drug screening and other details requested by your client before employment is offered.
If any concerns arise, recruiter interrupts the process and informs your client.
Interpreter rates and salaries are negotiated and set.
Candidates are provided with orientation and training for employment.
Interpreters are scheduled for their specific assignments, whether phone, video or on-site interpretation.