Translation Support

Whether an insurance claim written in Chinese, a medical analysis in French, or a flyer that needs to be translated into several different languages, Alfa Systems can provide support for the English and target language translation services that your company provides for existing and future clients.  Every project is assigned a manager that will execute and oversee the entire translation process, certifying that we meet the required deadlines of your client.

Our Process

Once the initial documents for translation are received, pricing and an estimated turn around time for translation is provided and a vendor will be contacted to carry out the translation work.  Upon completion of a project, our managers will facilitate vendor payments by handling all contract and invoice billing of translation work for your organization.

Initial Quote and Pricing
Choose vendor for translation work
Documentation Review
Billing for invoice payments

Proofreading for Quality Assurance

When the translation work for a project has been completed, our managers will confirm that the documentation is proofread, using side by side comparisons of the English and Target language to ensure the accuracy of grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and flow.